Reflective Action

In a recent post I mentioned that my team and I are reading, “Building the Bridge as You Walk on It,” by Robert Quinn.  We just got done reading a chapter entitled, “Reflective Action,” which presents this idea as one of the key concepts of the book.

In this chapter Quinn argues that often times we focus either too much on reflection, with too little action, or (more commonly) we focus too much on the action while giving little time for refection.  He contends that in order to enter “the fundamental state of leadership,” it’s important that both reflection and action are emphasized.

With my team at work our mission it to “Make a Difference Daily.”  Recently we got individual “one line a day” journals with the challenge to take some time every day to reflect on how we’ve made a difference, or what we can do to make a difference each day.  It’s nothing big, but hopefully it will help us remember to take some time each day for reflection and thought.

My challenge to you is to commit to setting some time aside each day for reflection/thought/meditation (or however you want to phrase it).  Doing so can help you achieve the balance required for reflective action.  Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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