Personal Revitalization

In some of my recent blog posts I’ve been writing about the importance of finding a good work/life balance, and not burning yourself out.  I’ve been reading a great book with my team at work entitled “Building the Bridge as You Walk on it,” by Robert Quinn.  The fourth chapter of this book is entitled, “Personal Revitalization.”

In this chapter, the author tells a story of a business owner named Mark.  Mark had consistently worked 60 to 70 hour weeks for many years and was beginning to feel burned out (understandably).  He decided to take a 10 day sabbatical during which he read another book by Quinn entitled “Deep Change.”  This book caused him to reassess his priorities and values.  As a result he decided to spend more time with his family and less time at work.

By doing this he found himself revitalized and soon began working with more energy and purpose.  While he was technically in the office less than before, he was more productive and enthusiastic while there, which in turn had a positive effect on his employees and business.  As you might expect, he also noticed that his relationships at home improved as well.  My challenge to you is to take some time to consider your priorities and values, and to determine if where you are allocating your time aligns with these priorities and values.  The more aligned our time is with our priorities and values, the happier, and more energized and revitalized we will be.


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