The Power of Unplugging

Next week I’ll be taking my family down the California coast.  We’ll be starting in Monterey for a couple of days, and then heading down Highway One to Pismo Beach, where we’ll spend several days relaxing, enjoying the sun, and where I’ll thoroughly embarrass myself by taking my first surfing lesson.

Aside from the quality time with my wife and kids, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is UNPLUGGING.  It seems like the norm these days with just about any management/administrative position is a daily dose of dozens, if not hundreds, of emails; in addition to dozens of phone calls, voicemails, and text messages.  And if you’re anything like me, it’s not uncommon to check your inbox first thing in the morning, and right before bed…and many, many times in between.

In one of my recent posts I discussed the dangers of “burnout,” and why relaxation, or down time, is so important.  Along those lines, I think it’s also important to completely unplug from work, school, etc. at least once or twice per year (if not more).  The times when I have done this in past I have felt a renewed sense of energy, and have returned to work with more enthusiasm, drive, and commitment.  While it can sometimes be hard to completely unplug from emails and phone calls, and lead to some catching up upon your return, the “battery recharge” you will feel as a result is worth it.

My challenge to you is to figure out a time or two before the end of the year to completely unplug from your daily demands, and to do this for at least a couple of days.  I think you will find that it is well worth it.


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