Becoming Better at Time Management

Have you ever finished a work day then asked yourself, “What did I do today?”  Sometimes work can be so busy and so chaotic that at the end of it you feel like you just got off of a roller coaster, hair sticking up, a look of confusion in your eyes, wondering “What just happened?”  I know that I’ve felt this way a time or two…or thousand.  Between meetings, countless emails, phone calls, and fires to put out (not literal ones, thank goodness); sometimes the work day goes nothing like you had planned or expected, and it can almost seem like a blur.

So how it is that our well intentioned plans for work can so easily get derailed, and we can end up doing numerous things that may not be the best use of our time?  Don’t get me wrong, I think we need to have a certain level of flexibility so that we can attend to important matters as they arise, but I also think we can easily get sidetracked down a rabbit hole of less productive tasks if we’re not careful.

I came across this great YouTube video by Chris Hogan where he talks about a few simple things we can do to manage, or “own” our time more effectively, so that we can reclaim our workdays and focus on what matters most.  My challenge to you is to pick one or two of these techniques that he describes in this video and to give it a try.  Good luck!  And hopefully you reading this blog post wasn’t one of those sidetracked actions down a rabbit hole to nowhere 🙂


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