Be a Giver


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Today I came across this YouTube video that I think really illustrates the value of being a giver:

As the video explains, both the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are fed by the same water source, the River Jordan.  So why is it that the Dead Sea is, well…dead, while the Sea of Galilee is full of variety and life?  In addition to the Sea of Galilee receiving water from the River Jordan, it also gives water out on the other end.  The Dead Sea conversely only receives water, but has no outlet.

Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, discusses the power of willingly giving by sharing an example of a closed fist versus an open hand.  With an open hand money can easily go in, and it can easy go out (or be given).  With a closed first, you’re not in a position to give; you keep you first clenched because you don’t want to give.  But, by keeping your fist closed, you make it more difficult to receive as well.  Less passes through your hands, and as a result, others (including yourself) benefit less from this mentality.

My challenge to you to look for ways to intentionally give this week; and this doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of money.  Look for ways to give of your time, service, or talents.  If you’re in a management/leadership position looks for ways to give/reward your team for the great work that they do.  Look for way to serve a friend or family member.  And if you feel so inclined, look for ways to make a financial donation or contribution to a good cause.  By doing this, you will be helping in the development and betterment of other people and/or organizations.


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