10 Things That Require Zero Talent

There are a lot of different skills and attributes that make us marketable in the workplace, and that can help us add value to organizations.  Often times these different skills can take years to develop or ongoing education in order to learn.  In addition to these skills that need to be developed and honed over time, there are simple things that anyone can immediately start doing to make themselves more marketable and add value.

I recently came across the below infographic which lists 10 things that require zero talent:

10 things

Photo via: www.reddit.com

This list provides some simple and concrete things that any of us can immediately start doing, regardless of our skillset, experience, or knowledge.  And the great thing is that each of these qualities immediately add value and helps us to become indispensable.  While all ten qualities are great, and what we should be striving for, the two that stand out to me are “effort,” and “attitude.”

I believe that if someone will always give their full effort, and do so with a positive attitude, they will be (or eventually become) successful.  I would take that person on my team all day long over someone who perhaps has more education or experience, but also has a negative vibe or doesn’t fully apply themselves.

My challenge to you is to pick a handful of these 10 qualities to immediately start focusing on.  It may even be worthwhile to write down a goal or two specific to these qualities and to see what difference it makes over the next several weeks/months.


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