The Relationship Between Vision and Goals

I recently watched a YouTube video by Ken Blanchard where he discusses one of the critical components of “servant leadership,” which is having a clear vision.  In his view, a clear vision needs to consistent of the four following components:

  1. What business are you in; why are you doing what you’re doing?
  2. If you do a good job in your business, what will happen; where are you going?
  3. What’s going to guide your journey; what are your values?
  4. What are your goals; what should you focus on right now?

What I found most interesting about this video was how he connected the dots between goals and the previous three components of a good vision.  Without clearly answering the first three questions, goals begin to feel more like a threat.  “If we don’t hit these goals then…”  But once we have clearly defined our why/mission, our direction, and our values, then our goals begin to make sense.  We don’t just have goals for the sake of having goals; we have goals that are purposefully tied in to our mission, direction, and values.

So the next time you’re sitting down with your team to formulate goals, first start by clearly defining questions one through three.  Doing this will put in to perspective why you’re setting goals in the first place, and will hopefully guide you towards goals that are worth pursuing, and assist you in carrying out your mission.  For regular info on business, leadership, or management, follow me on Twitter at @RyanFriden.


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